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SCIF Construction

A sensitive compartmented information facility is an area, room, or group of rooms where classified or sensitive material can be discussed, viewed, used, stored, or electronically processed. In certain circumstances entire buildings can be designated as SCIFs. Such facilities can even be installed on aircraft, ships or anywhere sensitive information is likely to be accessed.

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SCIFs are used more often than most people realise in the I.T., pharmaceutical and financial sector as well as by military and government agencies. There are a variety of names and classifications for such areas, often governed by complicated government and private construction, operational and certification standards.

In the case of government or military SCIFs, accreditation is required before a SCIF can be used to house classified material. This accreditation is attained through inspection by an official from the regulating government agency. A SCIF may be re-inspected at any time unannounced with the potential for accreditation to be suspended or revoked.

All areas that allow access to a SCIF must be protected by an intrusion detection system. Each SCIF is required to have a stand-alone alarm panel, alarm, and access control system. Even a SCIF within a SCIF must follow the same regulations.

All areas of a facility that reasonably afford access to the SCIF, or where classified information is stored, also must be protected with security equipment being monitored at all times in a continuous manner.

The construction of a SCIF is exacting work where an in-depth knowledge of standards, regulations, physical, electronic, and acoustic security is a basic requirement.

ICS Group’s peerless experience and credentials in this area, having successfully completed projects for I.T. sector companies, government, and military agencies worldwide, gives us the ability to adapt to a wide range of environmental conditions and buildings to deliver Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities to suit any requirement.

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